Month: November 2019

City of Faith Ministry, Lagos Celebrates One Year of God’s Faithfulness

City of Faith Ministry, Lagos Celebrates One Year of God’s Faithfulness

It’s the 1st Year Anniversary and the annual thanksgiving of City of Faith Ministry, Lagos. The church rolled out it’s drums in celebrating God’s faithfulness in just one year of it’s establishment in Lagos state, Nigeria. In this one year, the church has witnessed a robust numerical growth, even as new comers and visitors are trooping in every service day.

A Section of CFM Choir Dancing to the Songs of Celebration

The event which was fully attended by it’s members and people from all walks of life reflected a colorful atmosphere as attendees appeared in different colorful attires.

Declaring the ceremony open, the Prophetic President and General Overseer of the Ministry; Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable stated that ”Thanksgiving is to glorify God. It is also meant to recount what God has done and to recount the past acts of Him in your life”. The One Year Anniversary was tagged ‘’The Harvest of Abundance”. He charged members to always thank God in order to receive more blessings from Him.

Cross section of church members and attendees of CFM Lagos One Year Anniversary

Taking his sermon titled: ‘’The Power of Thanksgiving”, the Prophetic President explained that there are two levels of thanksgiving namely; thanksgiving after testimony and thanksgiving before testimony, adding that the more you give, the more you receive.

The Prophetic President led the members of the church in showing gratitude to God for His grace and mercy throughout the year.

Members took their turns to express their joy and appreciation to God for making the day a reality. They stated that God has been faithful on every side of their lives, especially as major breakthroughs are being witnessed among members of the church through God’s divine power.

Highlight of the event was the cutting of the anniversary cake, giving out of car gifts (A Highlander Jeep and A Honda CRV) to two deserving Pastors of the church namely; Pastor Jerry Ewuku and Pastor Goddey Eduihi. A whooping sum of Two Million Naira was given out to some members of the church who had various financial challenges.

There was also a drama presentation from the youth church, as well as the conferment of awards to a media firm; Wazobia FM, Lagos, and some of it’s distinguished On Air Personalities.

Wazobia OAP; Tuebi Abidde A.K.A ‘Tuale’ receiving an award on behalf of Wazobia FM, Lagos

The team-lead of the OAPs and Head of Programs of the station, Tuebi Abidde A.K.A Tuale who received the award on behalf the media firm, thanked the General Overseer and the church leadership for this gesture and recognition. He also dedicated his own award to his team for their hard work and loyalty to service.

It was indeed, a colorful event as attendees were treated with different varieties of food and drinks to mark the one-year celebration and annual thanksgiving of the Lagos church.

”The Power of Thanksgiving” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

”The Power of Thanksgiving” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

TEXT: Psalm 92:1 and Luke 17:11-19

There is a man (God) when you appreciate him, He will put your feet in order.

There are blessings in thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is acknowledging God beyond your blessings; knowing that He is the reason for everything around you. Luke 17:11-19 clearly explains the reasons you should acknowledge God as your all in all.

Thank God for everything; especially for the breath of life. Your life alone is a blessing and a testimony – Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Thanksgiving is to glorify God. It is also meant to recount what God has done and to recount the past acts of Him in your life.

Thanksgiving is appreciation in anticipation. It is not only about what God has done but what He is about to do.

Friend of God, you haven’t seen the best yet. The best is yet to come. When grace is at work, protocols are suspended.

God has been faithful from the beginning of the year, it is enough to thank Him. There are different ways to thank God; in different dimensions. God is about to change your story.

Thank God with all you have:


1. Thanksgiving after testimony
2. Thanksgiving before testimony

It is all about what God is about to do.

According to Proverbs 11:24-28, the more you give, the more you are blessed. Giving is a lifestyle. Life is all about impact. Life is all about empowerment. The Bible recommends us to give because God loves a cheerful giver.

Any giving you are compelled to do is not giving, but robbery.

Use your body to thank God. Thanksgiving is not all about material things. Try your best to make peace with everyone. It is a time for reconciliation.

I pray for you…
God will surely turn your situation around in Jesus name

”The Eleventh Hour Miracle (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”The Eleventh Hour Miracle (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: Matthew 20:1

The eleventh hour is a strategic time. It is that miracle you never prayed for. It can also be likened to David’s situation who never prayed to be king but God made him king.

The eleventh-hour miracle comes to announce you to the whole world. Since it happens to be the last month of the year, it is indeed a blessed month.

This type of miracle makes people wonder how it all happened.

Friend of God, you may have labored from the beginning of the year without results, there is hope in the eleventh month.

Matthew 11:8 clearly explains that the laborers who came last would first receive their reward before the old laborers. This happened because the master was pleased with the obedient behavior of the new laborers.

Any level you attain in life is not just authentic; you need to earn it through a period of hard work and dedication.

People want to know what you can do for them before they know what they can do for you. In verse 10:12, the old laborers complained of injustices against them but the master answered them that he did not do any wrong; and that he only decided to favor the new laborers who just came at the eleventh hour.

Matthew 20:16 “So the last shall be the first, and the first last: for many are called, but few chosen”.

Friend of God, you must avoid things that wi stop you from receiving the eleventh-hour miracle. Things like:

1. The Words of Your Mouth – Proverbs 10:19, Titus 3:9, Ephesians 4:29, James 1:26
Avoid unnecessary arguments. The thief on the cross with Jesus accused Him of not being able to save them. The other thief instead, beckoned on Jesus to remember him in paradise. The second thief obviously got the eleventh-hour miracle.

If you don’t bridle the words of your mouth, you might miss the eleventh-hour miracle. (James 1:26; 4:11).

It is not the number of hours you spend on a thing that matters but the result you get.

Friend of God, for you to receive the eleventh-hour miracle, you need to have a good character. “Charisma without character is chaos”.

I pray for you…
I see helpers coming your way for the eleventh-hour miracle.

”Eleventh Hour Miracle” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Eleventh Hour Miracle” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: Matthew 20:1-16

We are in the eleventh hour of thee year. Sometimes, it is difficult to believe that God can visit you at this time of the year.

God’s eleventh hour miracle is deliberate and designed to show you that He can still do what He promised you.

Reading from our text in Matthew 20:1, it is very profitable to
wait on God. It does not matter how long you’ve suffered that problem, God is still faithful in performing that eleventh hour miracle. Also, it does not matter the time you encountered your helper, what matters is that you will get your miracle.

In Matthew 20:9-11, the first set of workers complained to the landowner (their employer) that they received the same amount of pay with those who came at the eleventh hour of work but the landowner answered that he did not do them any wrong. He only favoured the last set of workers because it pleased him to do so.

Friend of God, do not worry about your ugly situation. Before this year ends, your eleventh hour miracle will come.

I pray for you…
This year will not end without your eleventh hour miracle in Jesus name, Amen!

”The God of Abundance (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”The God of Abundance (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: JEREMIAH 29: 11, GENESIS 22: 1 – 17 AND 2 CORINTHIANS 9: 9 – 11

Life is all about expectations. You must believe that what you believe God for will surely come to pass, no matter the delay.

Abundance is affluence. It means great wealth. The God of abundance can give you all you need. It is God’s agenda for you not to live or remain poor – Jeremiah 29: 11. The end of a thing is better than its beginning. It is God’s desire for every believer to be blessed. It is His deliberate plan for all of us to be blessed.

We have the wealth of wisdom, wealth of power, wealth of finance; all these are given by God. Abundance is extremely plenteous; it means to have things in surplus.

The opportunity God has for you is still there, life is turn after turn. The latest miracle is the delayed miracle and that is what people will celebrate. To obey prophetic instruction is important. The widow of Zarephath obeyed Elijah and she saw the result.

How does this God of abundance works? It works in different ways and dimensions. Diligence in sowing is what provoked abundance – Genesis 22: 1 – 17, giving with joy, simplicity and cheerfully.

To whom much is given, much is expected. If you are expecting abundance, there must be self committed. A lazy man should not eat. When we talk about abundance, it means committing yourself to work, physically and spiritually.

It is what you love, God loves. What you don’t love, God doesn’t love it. There are things you do today that will bring harvest for tomorrow. Diligent sowing provokes harvest. When you are at the right location, where God approves for you, people will look for you. Know God’s plan and location He puts you then He will expand you. Diligent sowing brings bountiful harvest.

Did you know sacrifice has voice (Abel’s sacrifice to God)? Heaven was already aware of what was happening. Anytime sacrifice is being put on the altar, there is a divine presence from Heaven. Do you also know what it means for someone to be happy because of you, to have life because of you? When others are living life through you that is when you are blessed. Anytime you sow diligently, it is not about just yourself, but for your descendants and it is not just to pray but to also give what you cherish most.

The way to handle poverty is to be a blessing to others. There are key political positions you will not enter even though you have the charisma but you must have money or a god-father to get a space with money for you.

Nothing goes for anything; something must leave for something to come in – Ecclesiastes 11: 1 – 6. If you stay in one place you can never be blessed. – Deuteronomy 28: 6. God wants you to go out; He wants you to be diligent for He does not bring the blessings to your doorsteps. The more you predict God you fail, it is only a stupid child that will inherit wealth, squander it and becomes poor.

If you want to have a channel of prosperity through God, live a life like Abraham, Isaac and even Solomon. The more people you touch their lives, the more people will stand for you. If you are a blessing to people, you will never fail.

Give generously – 2 Corinthians 9: 9 – 11. God will make you rich enough because of your generosity. The word of God is a covenant. Love can go extra mile, it can rescue nations. There would have been no need for God to send Jesus if not for the love He has for us. Giving is a lifestyle: if it is not in you, no preaching would change your pocket.

I pray for you…

This is your month of abundance and may heavenly treasures be released for you. God is working out something for you.

Prophetic Invasion as Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable Storms Benin City!

Prophetic Invasion as Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable Storms Benin City!

The city of Benin in Edo state, Nigeria is in agog as prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable storms the town for a 3- day power packed prophetic invasion. The program which is tagged: ‘’Prophecy and Manifestation’’ is designed to save and deliver many people who have been caged by the devil.

Today marks the second day of the program and people in their large numbers are trooping to the venue to have a first-hand witness of the awesome miracles and deliverance that God is doing in the city of Benin.

The Prophetic President; Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable arrives Benin City

Since the beginning of the program, lot’s of amazing testimonies have been flying the airwaves of Edo state and other neighboring states as attendees are going about town spreading the mighty works that God is doing through God’s servant – the Prophet.

The people of Edo state and beyond will see more of prophetic visitations as they come in different dimensions. This is therefore, an opportunity for everyone residing in Benin city, Auchi, Ore, and other neighboring towns to join Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable at Elora Royal Hall and Suites located at 162 Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo state.  

Elora Hotel; Venue of the Program in Benin City
”The Purpose of Prophecies” By Prophet Ernest E.O. Untouchable

”The Purpose of Prophecies” By Prophet Ernest E.O. Untouchable

TEXT: JOEL 2:28, ROMANS 8:19, PROVERBS 29:18

It is the desire of God for prophesies to be fulfilled. It is God’s agenda that every prophecy concerning you shall be fulfilled. The theme of this conference: ’’Prophecy and Manifestation’’ is in line with our topic of discussion.

When we talk about prophecy, we talk about prophecy, we mean God Himself. The importance of prophecy is that God use it as a tool to communicate to man. At times, prophecy comes to cause discomfort because God is passing a message to you.

We live in a world where so many things are happening. A lot of atrocities are happening in the world that is why God wants to give you direction on what to do and where to go.
Prophecy can sometimes make you happy or make you sad. However, if you have a deeper understanding of God’s word, you will know what God is saying; regardless the tone of the prophecy.

Amos 3:7 ‘’Surely, the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servant the prophet ‘’.

When God release a prophecy, you need to obey those instructions. I assure you that as you obey God’s instructions in prophecy, you will be announced for testimony.

Some people are very hungry to receive prophecy but find it difficult to KEEP the prophetic instructions. Friend of God, every prophecy comes with instructions.

Proverbs 28:18 …But happy is he who keeps the law.

Friend of God, in seeking for prophecy and miracles, you need to also seek for the giver of that miracle. Surrender your entire life to Christ Jesus. No matter the prophecy you receive, if Jesus is not in your life, that prophecy is a great waste. Do not hesitate because tomorrow may be too late.
This is not a message to condemn you but it’s a message that gives you the opportunity to repent now.

I pray for you…
Every hidden blessing in your life will be made manifest in Jesus name.