TEXT: PROVERBS 25:28, 13 : 24

Life without discipline is a life that will end up in shambles . Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour using punishment to correct disobedience. If you must grow in life, you must apply discipline in all areas, your lifestyle and even in your manner of approach. Your manner of approach matters , for discipline adores characters and behaviour, it brings self control – Proverbs 25:28.

As a child of God, we must come to the point that you must put your life under discipline . A man that is well disciplined is one that is well behaved and have self control- Proverbs 12:1.

If you are living without self control , you are opening your defense to harmful things . Discipline should be applied to our daily activity for it is a way of making people do things that are right – Proverbs 15:10. Discipline is correction -Proverbs 13:24. Gehazi was punished and Naaman’s leprosy transferred back to him because of lack of discipline.

A lot of homes have been broken because of lack of discipline . As a believer, you should encourage discipline in your family , business and all areas of your life – Proverbs 23:13.

Set up spiritual discipline like meditating the word of God , prayers , fasting and do a thorough self examination.

I pray for you … May God give you an excellent spirit that comes through discipline in Jesus name .

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