”Divine Visitation” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Divine Visitation” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

A) Supernatural Manifestation – Genesis 3:8

When God steps into a difficult situation in a man’s life, a supernatural manifestation follows.

B) Divine Visitation Brings Restoration – Jeremiah 27:22

When God divinely visit a man, everything he has lost will surely be restored. In John 5:1-9, the man at the pool of Bethesda was healed of his disease which lasted for 38 years. This is because there was a divine visitation upon his life.

Child of God, no matter the problem you are facing, no matter how long you have been suffering, I see divine visitation coming to you in Jesus name. Read – Jeremiah 29:10

C) Divine Visitation Brings Salvation – Luke 19:1-11, Psalm 106:4

Absolute salvation comes with divine visitation. This is the case with Zaccheus in Luke 19. The Bible says “he was a wealthy man” but he climbed the sycamore tree to see Jesus while he was passing in Jerusalem. Thankfully, there was a miracle, as Jesus visited him.

Luke 19:9 “And Jesus said unto him, This day is salvation come to this house, forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham”.

When Jesus comes into your life, divine visitation comes also. No matter where you are, salvation is coming to you right now.

D) Divine Visitation Produces Fruitfulness – Genesis 18:1-11

When divine visitation comes, fruitfulness is released. In this case, protocols are suspended for miracles to happen. It does not matter the age or nature of the problem, God’s divine visitation brings fruitfulness in every area of life. Hannah also experienced fruitfulness with divine visitation. Her long years of barrenness brought forth a beautiful son named Samuel.

E) Divine Visitation Brings Deliverance – Daniel 3:14-18

When divine visitation comes to you, God will surely deliver you from strange attacks and evey evil chain will be broken. Child of God, I command deliverance upon that ugly situation you are going through in Jesus name.

F) Divine Visitation Brings Healing – Matthew 8:14-15 John 5:1-9

G) Divine Visitation Brings All-round Manifestation – Matthew 17:1-8

There is always an all-round manifestation of God’s glory with divine visitation. When this happens, honor, success, favor, and progress are produced.

H) Divine Visitation Brings Victory – 2 Chronicles 20:20-25

When you believe in the Lord and His prophet, God’s divine visitation will surely bring victory over your life.

I pray for you…

I prophesy an encounter of Divine Visitation. An unexpected miracle will visit you this week in Jesus name. Amen!