“Integrity” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

“Integrity” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: Job 1:1-12, Job 2:9-10

If integrity is being sold, it would have been the most expensive thing on earth. Men who have integrity are men of influence.

The Hebrew definition of integrity means completeness, normal innocency or perfection. The exact opposite of integrity is compromise.

If you are a man without integrity, you are like a man walking naked on the street.

Integrity is what you believe, live for, and die for.

From our text, Job’s wife advised him to curse God and die but Job held on to God because he believes and holds God on high esteem.

Integrity is important in the following reasons:
1). Integrity defines who you are to others. When someone thinks of you, they see if you have integrity. People wants to know if you are real. Integrity is like a mirror reflecting your image.

2). Integrity determines how you will react to certain situations. Job’s case is a proof of integrity because his situation would have made him to compromise on God but his integrity kept him on.

A man with integrity is a blameless man. The problem with the church today is not prosperity but lack of integrity. It is time we know that integrity is a vital part of a man’s life.

3). Integrity demonstrates your spiritual condition. As a christian, if you have no integrity, then you need deliverance because God wants us to be righteous.

4). Lack of integrity can damage your testimony. If someone knows you as someone that have no integrity, they will not take your testimony serious because they don’t regard and have confidence in you.

Benefits of Integrity
1). Integrity blesses and attracts reward from God. It positions you for God’s timing. As a man of integrity, no matter what you go through, your state of integrity will carry you through.

“A just man walketh in integrity, his children are blessed after him”. (Proverbs 20:7)

A poor man with integrity is wealthier than one without integrity because a life built on integrity blesses the children after him.

2). Integrity judges you in times of difficulties. Job 31:6

No matter the accusation placed on you, people who know you will believe you. Integrity is a scale that weigh you in your difficult time. Also, God is a protector to righteous man because righteousness gives man an hedge.

3). Integrity Gives Protection – Psalm 25:21
You can’t kill a man easily. It is only God that has the key to his life.

4). Integrity Guides – Proverbs 11:3
People that cannot be trusted are destroyed in their dishonesty. It is painful that most people are losing opportunities in the place of work and business centers due to lack of integrity.

How Can I Get Integrity?
# Pursue it with all your heart
# Work for integrity

Have integrity to say NO.
Have the courage to face the TRUTH.
Do the right things at the right time.

These are the magic keys to live the life of integrity.

I pray for you.
May your integrity preserve you in Jesus name.

God bless you as you comment and share.