”Keep the Fire Burning” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”Keep the Fire Burning” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable



God demands that we keep the fire burning in every areas of our lives but some believers have failed to do so.

Here are things that can quench or keep the fire burning:

# Walking in righteousness – Psalm 1:1-16
No believer can successfully keep their fire burning without walking in righteousness. This is what God desires first in our lives so that every other things will be added unto us.

# Study the word of God – Joshua 1:8
The word of God should not depart from your mouth. Study it day and night so that you can prosper and keep the fire burning always.

# Pray always
Prayer is a way of communicating to God. When a believer prays, he keeps the fire burning and he is string in the days of adversity.

# Praying in tongues
The Bible says he that speaks in tongues edifieth himself. You keep the fire burning by speaking in unknown tongues. It does not matter whether you’re a pastor or a prophet; as long as you’re a believer, you need to pray in tongues.

Church Congregation

# Failure to remove the ashes
– Leviticus 6:9
God wants us to keep the ashes so that the fire in us will not quench. God wants to move in a powerful way in our lives that is why He wants us to keep the ash. You can give tour resources to God to increase your power of sacrifice. This will keep the fire burning.

# Failure to add more wood to the fire – Matthew 25:1
Child of God, if you do not add more wood to your fire, it will quench. The story of the 10 virgins in Matthew 25:1 recount how the 5 wise virgins kept extra oil with them, just to keep their fire burning.

What makes a believer extraordinary is the added extra. The Bible says that the 10 were all virgins but 5 were wise because they kept the fire burning. You need to also invest in your spiritual life so you can keep the fire burning. Coming to church regularly is a way of investing in your spiritual life. Another way is by fiving out your resources sacrificially for God’s work.

The law of riches is the law of giving. The more you give, the more you become rich.

The 5 foolish virgins in Matthew 25 were rejected because they didn’t have oil. In other words, they didn’t add more wood to their fire.

Our lesson here is that you should keep the fire burning and you will prosper on every side.

I pray for you…
The fire of God in your life will not be quenched in Jesus name.

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