This is our Statement of Mission in line with the Bible, which is believed and taught by City of Faith Ministry.
This mission statement is in complete agreement with the virtues of the doctrines of Christ. We firmly believe that the Bible contains the infallible word of God (2 Pet. 1:20).

We believe that salvation means to be free from sin and its consequences, and is received by absolute faith in the cleansing power of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to accept Christ as their personal Lord and saviour and believe in His saving grace, otherwise Christ’s death will not save them from sin.

We believe that divine healing is God’s mighty work in saving man from all manner of sicknesses. It is received by absolute faith in Christ. Jesus suffered pains so that we will be healed from sicknesses and diseases. 1 Peter 2:24 …’’by whose stripes ye were healed’’. Jesus Christ brought us divine healing as a gift from the cross of Calvary.

We believe that there is only one God which exists eternally in three persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. (Ephesians 4:5-6, Matthew 3:16-17).
We believe that Jesus came to seek and save the lost. This is what He came for, lived for, died for, and rose again for. He came to reconcile man back to God. With His divine nature, he showed us His great power to be the Son of God by resurrecting from death on the third day.

Right now, He sits at the right hand of the throne of God (Hebrews 12:2). Jesus Christ loves us, died for us, reigns in majesty for us, and still prays for us.
We believe in the rapture of the church and the second coming of Christ.
(1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Our mission statement rests on three pillars:

-To propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.

-To train believers to receive the Holy Ghost baptism and fire as well as daily walk and relationship with the Holy Spirit.

– To build up heavenly-bound and aggressive Christians. The priority in City of Faith Ministry is for people to make heaven.