Sunday of Anointing and Prophecy on the City of Faith Altar

Sunday of Anointing and Prophecy on the City of Faith Altar

It was a glorious Sunday in the altar of City of Faith Ministry as several General Overseers and ministers of God were ordained as Prophets by God’s servant the General Overseer of City of Faith Ministry; Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable.

The event which marked the climax of the week- long program showcased the demonstration of God’s power as these ordained Prophets received the baptism of raw anointing to prophesy.

Some ordained prophets

Prophet E. O Ernest titled his message ‘’Keep the Fire Burning’’ admonished Christians to always keep the fire in their lives burning in order to sustain God’s blessings. Taking the text of his message from Psalm 104:4, he noted that God makes His ministers a flaming fire.

He further listed some certain steps that believers can take to keep the fire burning, and things that can quench the fire. ‘’To keep the fire burning, a believer needs to walk in righteousness, study God’s word, pray always, and pray in tongues’’.

Prophet Untouchable also noted that many believers are in the habit of removing the ashes in their lives, thereby quenching the fire. He however, advised that to make God move powerfully in our lives, we should keep the ashes, adding that when the fire of God is burning in our lives, we will prosper on every side.

Church congregation

The man of God therefore, prayed for the congregation and declared that God’s fire will never quench in the life of the people.

Highlight of the Sunday service was the ordination and impartation of 55 Prophets from different churches as well as the ordination of 6 pastors of City of Faith Ministry.