Sunday of Miracles in City of Faith Ministeries

Sunday of Miracles in City of Faith Ministeries

Sunday service was a total harvest of miracles as it marked the climax of the 3-day program themed: ‘’Miracle Job, Miracle Marriage, and Miracle Baby’’. It was indeed a period when the Spirit of God took over the arena as lots of jaw breaking testimonies flowed from the congregation. With the power of God present through God’s servant, Prophet E. O Ernest Untouchable, the entire congregation felt a supernatural touch and many were delivered from the shackles of the devil.

Prophet E. O Ernest titled his sermon ‘’Keys to Greatness’’. He highlighted the need for every believer to pursue greatness through hard work and by imbibing other virtues. Taking the text of his message from Deuteronomy 28:1, he noted that the kingdom of God is in principles, when you apply these principles, you will stand no matter the challenges that confront you.

He said that ‘’obedience simply means submitting yourself to the authority of others. We must learn to submit ourselves to the authority of God to have the covenant of greatness activated in us’’.

The man of God admonished members to submit themselves to God’s authority so that they can partake from His greatness, and further stressed that ‘’God is not looking for the most capable but the most available’’.

Blessed apples for those believing God for the fruit of the womb
After the message, Prophet Ernest Untouchable prayed for the congregants and rained God’s blessings on those seeking for miracle babies, miracle jobs, and miracle wedding.