”The God of Abundance (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”The God of Abundance (Part 2)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: JEREMIAH 29: 11, GENESIS 22: 1 – 17 AND 2 CORINTHIANS 9: 9 – 11

Life is all about expectations. You must believe that what you believe God for will surely come to pass, no matter the delay.

Abundance is affluence. It means great wealth. The God of abundance can give you all you need. It is God’s agenda for you not to live or remain poor – Jeremiah 29: 11. The end of a thing is better than its beginning. It is God’s desire for every believer to be blessed. It is His deliberate plan for all of us to be blessed.

We have the wealth of wisdom, wealth of power, wealth of finance; all these are given by God. Abundance is extremely plenteous; it means to have things in surplus.

The opportunity God has for you is still there, life is turn after turn. The latest miracle is the delayed miracle and that is what people will celebrate. To obey prophetic instruction is important. The widow of Zarephath obeyed Elijah and she saw the result.

How does this God of abundance works? It works in different ways and dimensions. Diligence in sowing is what provoked abundance – Genesis 22: 1 – 17, giving with joy, simplicity and cheerfully.

To whom much is given, much is expected. If you are expecting abundance, there must be self committed. A lazy man should not eat. When we talk about abundance, it means committing yourself to work, physically and spiritually.

It is what you love, God loves. What you don’t love, God doesn’t love it. There are things you do today that will bring harvest for tomorrow. Diligent sowing provokes harvest. When you are at the right location, where God approves for you, people will look for you. Know God’s plan and location He puts you then He will expand you. Diligent sowing brings bountiful harvest.

Did you know sacrifice has voice (Abel’s sacrifice to God)? Heaven was already aware of what was happening. Anytime sacrifice is being put on the altar, there is a divine presence from Heaven. Do you also know what it means for someone to be happy because of you, to have life because of you? When others are living life through you that is when you are blessed. Anytime you sow diligently, it is not about just yourself, but for your descendants and it is not just to pray but to also give what you cherish most.

The way to handle poverty is to be a blessing to others. There are key political positions you will not enter even though you have the charisma but you must have money or a god-father to get a space with money for you.

Nothing goes for anything; something must leave for something to come in – Ecclesiastes 11: 1 – 6. If you stay in one place you can never be blessed. – Deuteronomy 28: 6. God wants you to go out; He wants you to be diligent for He does not bring the blessings to your doorsteps. The more you predict God you fail, it is only a stupid child that will inherit wealth, squander it and becomes poor.

If you want to have a channel of prosperity through God, live a life like Abraham, Isaac and even Solomon. The more people you touch their lives, the more people will stand for you. If you are a blessing to people, you will never fail.

Give generously – 2 Corinthians 9: 9 – 11. God will make you rich enough because of your generosity. The word of God is a covenant. Love can go extra mile, it can rescue nations. There would have been no need for God to send Jesus if not for the love He has for us. Giving is a lifestyle: if it is not in you, no preaching would change your pocket.

I pray for you…

This is your month of abundance and may heavenly treasures be released for you. God is working out something for you.