”The Power of Thanksgiving” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

”The Power of Thanksgiving” By Prophet Ernest E.O Untouchable

TEXT: Psalm 92:1 and Luke 17:11-19

There is a man (God) when you appreciate him, He will put your feet in order.

There are blessings in thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is acknowledging God beyond your blessings; knowing that He is the reason for everything around you. Luke 17:11-19 clearly explains the reasons you should acknowledge God as your all in all.

Thank God for everything; especially for the breath of life. Your life alone is a blessing and a testimony – Ecclesiastes 9:4.

Thanksgiving is to glorify God. It is also meant to recount what God has done and to recount the past acts of Him in your life.

Thanksgiving is appreciation in anticipation. It is not only about what God has done but what He is about to do.

Friend of God, you haven’t seen the best yet. The best is yet to come. When grace is at work, protocols are suspended.

God has been faithful from the beginning of the year, it is enough to thank Him. There are different ways to thank God; in different dimensions. God is about to change your story.

Thank God with all you have:


1. Thanksgiving after testimony
2. Thanksgiving before testimony

It is all about what God is about to do.

According to Proverbs 11:24-28, the more you give, the more you are blessed. Giving is a lifestyle. Life is all about impact. Life is all about empowerment. The Bible recommends us to give because God loves a cheerful giver.

Any giving you are compelled to do is not giving, but robbery.

Use your body to thank God. Thanksgiving is not all about material things. Try your best to make peace with everyone. It is a time for reconciliation.

I pray for you…
God will surely turn your situation around in Jesus name