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”My Case is an Emergency” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

”My Case is an Emergency” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

Text: 2 Kings 6:1-5, Psalm 70:1-5

Friend of God, we are in the end of the year where your case requires an emergency. God will not disappoint you in Jesus name.

The word emergency is a serious and unexpected often dangerous situation that requires immediate attention.

When someone’s case is urgent, it is the right time in the spirit realm for him or her to be blessed and highly favored by God. It is my prayer today that God will highly favor you.

When your case is urgent, God is ready to turn every ugly situation for a testimony.

“Some situations requires desperate emergency; that is, machine gun prayer”.

Sometimes, what the enemy understands is force. Blind Bartemaeus in the bible needed an emergency attention and he said to Jesus “that I might receive my sight”.

When you seek for God’s help, it is appropriate you go straight to the point like blind Bartimaeus. Make your request straight and avoid telling stories.

No matter that challenge in your life, the emergency unit in heaven will intervene. As you present your emergency case to God, cry out and ask for quick help.

2 Ways to Make your Case an Emergency

1. Have a scale of Preference – Mark 10:46
In emergency situations, there are needs which are more important than the others. When Peter was in prison, many doors were shut against him but when God showed up, the first door was opened and thereafter, the iron gate was opened for him to go out of the prison. If God can open the most important door, every other doors will open.

Solomon also, asked for wisdom out of his many needs.

Friend of God, it is wise you ask God for that pressing need you have. Do not put many cases forward.

In Mark 10:47, blind Bartimaeus, a beggar heard that Jesus of Nazareth was passing by; so, he cried out and said “…Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me”. As he cried out, he had faith that Jesus would make him whole.
Blind Bartimaeus reset reset his priorities when he met with Jesus because he knew that once he receives his sight, he would no longer beg but would work and fend for himself.

2. Do the Unusual – Luke 5:18, Mark 10:47-52
It is important you do the unusual when presenting an emergency case to God. Blind Bartemaeus cried out to Jesus that he may receive his sight. After doing the unusual, verse 52 said that he received his sight.

Child of God, you must do the unusual to receive your expected blessings from God. In Luke 5:18, a man sick of the palsy was brought through the roof to where Jesus was. In doing that unusual, that man was healed.

Doing the unusual means that you should pray out of your comfort zone. You cannot sleep freely when in a bad situation. Paul and Silas when in prison, prayed all night and God came to their rescue.

Friend of God, cry out, cry for help! You cannot end like this.

The Centurion in Matthew 8:5-13 had an emergency. He presented his case to Jesus and ONLY required the word of Jesus so that so that his servant will be healed. This man is not even the servant of Jesus, but his request was granted. It does not matter whether you are a worker in church, just cry out to God and you receive help. The faith of that the Centurion brought healing to his servant even in that same hour.

I pray for you…
Any machine gun that is required to bring you out of that ugly situation, it will be applied by fire.

”THE POWER OF TESTIMONY” By Prophet Ernest E. O. Untouchable

”THE POWER OF TESTIMONY” By Prophet Ernest E. O. Untouchable

TEXT : REVELATION 12 : 11, LUKE 4 : 37 AND ACTS 22 : 1 – 14.

Testimony showcases the goodness and works of God. It finalizes everything and brings an end to affliction. Every word you command out of your mouth has meaning, the word you share with people matter a lot too. The Bible in Revelations 12 : 11 said they overcame by the word of their testimony, not by their fasting or prayer. There is something you are owing God which is the word of your testimony. It is good for you to share the wonderful things God has done for you, it attracts God’s hand.

What is testimony? Testimony is a public recounting of a religious experience or encounter. It is testifying to the world, the faithfulness of God in our fears, trials and temptations. We are sharing His goodness to the world ,that He is too faithful to fail in our fears.

Testimony can also mean the perfection of miracles. Every moment you receive without testifying or giving glory to God, then your miracle has not been perfected. It is different from thanksgiving. It is the act of sharing your experience of what God has done for you and thanksgiving is the act of appreciating God for what he has done. Read More






It is the plan and purpose of God for everyone to be great. Greatness is a covenant from God, not a promise. Everyone deserves to be great. Greatness does not fall from the sky; it is not found nor common.

When God created you, He created you special. There is no two of you, just one. Original is always original, no matter how it has been duplicated.

Greatness is not a promise. It is a covenant God has destined for every believer to be great. There are so many keys to greatness, but without the right keys, it can take your time.

The kingdom of God is in principle, when you apply this principle, you will stand no matter the challenges that confront you.
1. Obedience
2. Hardworking (Effort)
3. Patience (Consistency, focus, determination and self-discipline)
4. Sacrifice

Obedience simply means submitting yourself to the authority of others. We must learn to submit ourselves to the authority of God to have the covenant of greatness activated in us.

People today do not want to go through the process. The process makes it beautiful, give you experience. It is very hard to fight a constituted authority. If you don’t submit yourself under the authority of God, you will be frustrated in your destiny. You must obey God so you can enjoy divine greatness Jeremiah 29:11.

Sometimes you can frustrate the hands of manipulation. God has given you the power to trample upon principalities. Principles is stronger than principalities. Do you know greatness come through the word of God? You must take God seriously the same way you take your business serious. Deuteronomy 28:1 Greatness come through obedience – obedience to God and to man.

You must be loyal. Obey God and the people around you. There are men that can connect you; when you are disconnected from them, nothing will be done.
God is not looking for the capable but He is looking for the ones that are available.

Greatness will never fall from Heaven like manna; it’s hard work (Proverbs 12 :24). Working hard pays, it gives you power. Any gift God gives to you, you need to work hard for the gift. Colossians 3 :23, Psalms 90 :17, Proverbs 14 :23. Greatness is inside, you need to work and activate it. Take away shame from your eyes, there is no much time than the time you have now. Many people are killing the greatness God put in them. When you are great, you can never stand alone. If you use all your week to do nothing, expect nothing. Greatness comes through hardwork.

You must be focus, be disciplined and be determined. There is no shame in hardwork. Anything that won’t give you profit, don’t do it. Proverbs 6 : 10 – 12, 2 Timothy 2 : 6.
As you work hard, all the things God is bringing your way, be careful how you manage them. Proverbs the 16 : 3. Work hard, look for something to do.

Check the book Ephesians 4 : 2. You start a business and it has not started growing, you turn to another one. It is not done like that. Be patient. Things may not be working but be patient. Some people have left the place of their blessings because of impatience. You should be patient and keep doing good. Don’t look down on anybody. God can turn situations within the twinkle of an eye.

Sometimes the business that will blow you is the best one that will give you challenges. Everyone wants to cut out time and processes. Those who want to cut away process cut their destiny short. You can carry grace, if there is no experience, grace will be dead.

Philippians 4 : 6 explains the place of prayer in achieving greatness. Don’t take the place of prayer out of your destiny. Romans 12 : 12.

The road to greatness is sacrifice. You must touch lives for your life to be touched. No greatness comes by mistake.
Life goes with sacrifice. When God wants to get back to us, He gave his only begotten son. Places you make sacrifices are in the House of God and to the needy. Make sacrifices that will promote you.

Genesis 8 : 32, 2 Kings 4 : 8 Let your sacrifice attract greatness. Attract blessings through sacrifices. There are sacrifices that can provoke divine greatness. Your service to God is sacrifice Genesis 22: 1. If it never cost you, it can never give you joy.

God needs you to make a commitment. He wants you to have an agreement with Him (1 Samuel Johnson 1 : 13 – 17).

I pray for you.

The enemy of your greatness will not take you from the place of your greatness.