”Finishing Grace (Grace to Finish Well)” By Prophet Ernest E. O Untouchable

TEXT: Ecclesiastes 7:8, Philippians 1 : 6, and Hebrews 12 : 2.

The word “Finish” is to bring to conclusion or to bring to an end. Finishing grace is the grace that can come from God, not man.

The grace of God means divine favour and help of God upon man’s life. When it is upon you, greater doors and unmerited breakthrough will be opened for you.

This is a month of reward and wages -Matthew 20.
When a man has this grace, he gets what he doesn’t deserve. The grace of God makes everything good and perfect – Romans 9 :16.

Jesus is the only one that has the power to finish well what He has started.

If we must finish well, we need to key into the grace – Hebrews 12: 2. Get connected to the grace. We have started the race, we need to end it.

You just look into Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith. It doesn’t take God so long to change your story.

Job 14 : 1 tells us why our days are full of troubles and we need him more than ever.

God declared himself in Revelation 1 : 8. No man has the key to your destiny but God.

Finishing Grace – you need this grace to end well. This grace will take you places, it will draw testimonies – Philippians 1 : 6. God will never abandon you. Starting is easy, finishing can be difficult. It is not how you started first that matters but those how you endure till the end. Many has the grace to start well but lack the grace to finish well. You need grace to complete that which you have started.
The devil is never interested in your starting but would wait at a strategic point and cause obstruction.

Here are few examples of people that have finishing grace:
1. Lord Jesus : He confronted and overcame the devil through finishing grace.
2. David : The finishing grace was what enabled him to defeat Goliath.
3. Daniel : When we talk about finishing grace, we talk about confidence and belief in God. Daniel had this and he was able to come out unhurt from the Lion’s den. If he had pretended to serve God, his life would have been ended in the Lion’s den.
4. Joseph (The Dreamer): The finishing grace worked for him. His dreams landed him in problems but he overcame in the end.
5. Job : He fears God and believes in Him. He overcame because he was confident in God.

God has put a unique grace in you that would surprise everyone. When life puts you down, God will bring you up. Your situation may look impossible but there is a God who makes everything possible. In the dark times of your life, there is a bright light coming.

Essential steps to Finishing Grace
There are essential steps to finishing well. The grace of God is sufficient for all but you need to be positioned properly to connect with the availability of God’s Grace.
Now, how do you connect to this grace?

1. Daily time of focus, communion with God
2. Faith in God – see things in God’s perspective.
3. Daily Declaration of God’s promise over your life. When you wake up in the morning, always declare His promises – Psalms 82 : 1

When you are tempted to be discouraged, it is because you are close to a bigger breakthrough. Make yourself holy and present yourself before God.

I pray for you…

No matter the setbacks in your race, I see God giving you a finishing grace.

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