”THE POWER OF TESTIMONY” By Prophet Ernest E. O. Untouchable

TEXT : REVELATION 12 : 11, LUKE 4 : 37 AND ACTS 22 : 1 – 14.

Testimony showcases the goodness and works of God. It finalizes everything and brings an end to affliction. Every word you command out of your mouth has meaning, the word you share with people matter a lot too. The Bible in Revelations 12 : 11 said they overcame by the word of their testimony, not by their fasting or prayer. There is something you are owing God which is the word of your testimony. It is good for you to share the wonderful things God has done for you, it attracts God’s hand.

What is testimony? Testimony is a public recounting of a religious experience or encounter. It is testifying to the world, the faithfulness of God in our fears, trials and temptations. We are sharing His goodness to the world ,that He is too faithful to fail in our fears.

Testimony can also mean the perfection of miracles. Every moment you receive without testifying or giving glory to God, then your miracle has not been perfected. It is different from thanksgiving. It is the act of sharing your experience of what God has done for you and thanksgiving is the act of appreciating God for what he has done.

Jesus healed ten (10) lepers; only one of them came back to testify that he has recovered from what he was going through. Jesus told him to go in peace – that is perfection. The word that came out of Jesus’ mouth to the leper was the perfection of his testimony.

Your testimony is the perfection of the miracle you received, telling the devil he has no right over you. Testimony attracts other pending and outstanding miracle. It is one of the most powerful session in the church. It can sustain a believer and open his knowledge. It can make one to trust more in God and encourages ones faith. It is also a platform for someone to stand, believing God for a greater blessing. One of the purposes of testimony is to advertise God’s agenda for the end time. It can be seen as what God has done for someone that you can also advertise.

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In the absence of the media and even the new media , Jesus’ fame was spread abroad (Mark 1 : 28). Testimony is beyond when someone bought a new car, landed a new contract or job. Did you know an unbeliever can also get these things. The reason why things are not happening in church is because men have failed to glorify God. There is so much power here , if we failed to recognize it , God’s hand will be withdrawn. You see practical demonstration of God’s power and healing, you must go out and share the testimony to others. Luke 4 : 37 further added clarity that if we could go all out and tell people what we see, we will see thousands and more people that will be so hungry for Him.

Sometimes delay of testimony could be dangerous, and could cause disappointment . Testimony is very important and it is not only about what God has done. The people of Israel had great challenge that would have made them to appreciate the God that bought them thus far, instead they begun to grumble and complained against Moses. Your grumbling can make things go in the wrong direction. The journey that would have cost the Israelites 40 days took 40 years . Anytime pressure is mounted on you, turn it into a testimony – Luke 21 : 12. As a matter of fact, the church is not owing anybody , you are the one owing the church.

A good story was that of Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego; if you do not go through challenges, how will the testimony be real? In the face of temptation and challenges, you should be strong. There was pure fire that came from Heaven to take over the physical fire in the furnace.

Acts 22 : 1 – 14. Stop looking at your past and grumbling , start looking at your future and where you are going through. Let there be testimonies everywhere. Lets stop telling our neighbours things that will discourage their faith.

Let your life be a testimony , let God’s word be rooted and planted in you – Joshua 1 : 8. In the word of God, there is success. In your testimony, there is success.

Testimony is a platform to draw God closer. The things you say matter. It is time to share your testimony, what God needs from us – Psalms 150 : 1.

I pray for you …

Every battle you are going through, may the strength of the battle be defeated and everywhere you enter may your testimony change your destiny.

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